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The faction controlling this sector has built 5 new experimental computers in a heavily fortified power plant. These are an advanced new design with quantum holistic capabilities. The computers are fitted with a self-destruct capability, meaning that if the computer is damaged, even with a simple close-combat attack or shot, the computer will soon explode. The best advice is to run! If a rival faction can destroy the majority of these computers then this sector will be theirs for the taking.

As explained above, these computers will explode a random number of turns (between 2 and 4) after being destroyed. The explosion will destroy everything within the 12 square range, including walls and units!

Side 1 / Attackers :
The Attackers must destroy 4 of the 5 computers to win.

Side 2 / Defenders:
The Defenders must either protect at least 4 computers until the end, or kill all of the Laser Squad.

If the number of turns expires the Defenders will win and will remain in control of the sector.


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