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Stats for player Trollmineitor

Long Service TrophyHonourary Laser Squad TrophyFirst Blood TrophyWinners TrophyPunctured Heart Medal
Date Joined: 13/07/2013
Last Date Login Used: 02/11/2018
League Points: 5
Trophies:[?]Long Service Trophy
Honourary Laser Squad Trophy
First Blood Trophy
Winners Trophy
Punctured Heart Medal
Awards:Winning the Second Campaign (from SteveSmith), Perfect finish in Hideout (from Sir Gregory), Turn 1 massacre payback (from zap), Victory in great style ! (from Sir Gregory), for golden shoot in assasin mission (from Sir Gregory), For second win in row when playing in coalition (from Sir Gregory), Thx (from teo), initiating me (from Astro), Getting backstabbed (from LowKee84), Entertaining us all in the forums (from SteveSmith), Honorable gameplay. (sacrificing himself due to unbalanced game) (from glasscock)
Average Days Per Turn: 0.061668683
Arch Nemesis [?]: RABID
Total Forum Posts: 1152
Total Concedes: 3
Favourite Mission: The Assassins - New House
Campaign Squad Name: Globex Trollmineitor Battalion
Location: Spain
About Me: Hello, World!
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GAME STATSFullPractise
Total Games Finished: 11521
Total Current Games: 00
Total Victories: 638
Total Draws: 31
Total Defeats: 4912
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