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Stats for player RABID

Long Service TrophyHonourary Laser Squad TrophyFirst Blood TrophyWinners TrophyPunctured Heart Medal
Faction: Omni Corp
Date Joined: 15/01/2014
Last Date Login Used: 10/08/2020
League Points: 440
Trophies:[?]Long Service Trophy
Honourary Laser Squad Trophy
First Blood Trophy
Winners Trophy
Punctured Heart Medal
Awards:For playing campaign alone... (from EvilDick), Winning the 2018 Campaign! (from SteveSmith), Played the campaign alone: A One Man Goddamn Slaughterhouse (from xeno), Audacious attack that succeeded (from xeno), Winner of the 2017 Campaign (from SteveSmith), 1st turn wipeout on Breakout, 6/8 killed (from Henry's Cat), The Great Escape. Benny Hill style! (from xeno), for the fight spirit (from teo), The Rocketeer (from teo), Explosive destruction. (from petermock), total annihilation (from Hokunda), Winning the 2015 Campaign! (from SteveSmith), bringing the right weapon to kill Sterner (rocket launcher) (from Trollmineitor), Guardian Of The Galaxy (from herod), enduring Globex advanced enhanced updated psy warfare (from Trollmineitor), for not giving up (from Sir Gregory)
Average Days Per Turn: 0.10654654
Arch Nemesis [?]: xeno
Total Forum Posts: 428
Total Concedes: 28
Favourite Mission: The Assassins
Campaign Squad Name: Tasters of Victory
About Me: Massive fan of Rebelstar and Laser Squad on the Spectrum. I play this most days if I can.
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GAME STATSFullPractise
Total Games Finished: 1778266
Total Current Games: 22
Total Victories: 100494
Total Draws: 456
Total Defeats: 729166
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