Stellar Forces
10 minutes ago: Jez has taken their turn in Moonbase Clash.
14 minutes ago: Jez has taken their turn in Laboratory Attack.
22 minutes ago: zap has deployed their units in Superhuman: Moonbase Assault.
22 minutes ago: zap has equipped their units in Superhuman: Moonbase Assault.
23 minutes ago: zap has joined a game.
29 minutes ago: Jez has defeated zap in Alien Hordes: Xenophobia.
30 minutes ago: zap has deployed their units in Defend the Base.
31 minutes ago: zap has equipped their units in Defend the Base.
32 minutes ago: zap has created a new game.
32 minutes ago: Jez has deployed their units in Alien Hordes: Xenophobia.

Stellar Forces is a turn-based multi-player squad strategy game.

Take control of an elite squad and defeat opponents in one of 80+ missions. Choose what to equip them with, where to deploy them, and then use whatever strategy and tactics you want to ensure victory.

Once you have registered using the Android App, you can play as many games as you want. This game has no adverts and no in-app purchases.

This game is played in a casual way. Once you have taken your turn, your opponent is notified by e-mail that it is now their turn. However, they may not take it straight away. Typically, expect to take a turn and then wait about a day to take your next turn. Of course, you can play as many concurrent games as you can handle if you get bored in the meantime!

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Top players

Last calculated on 24 Jul 2014 07:35

1petermock666Marsec Corporation
3Elitewan267Omni Corp
4herod199Omni Corp
5teo178Globex Corporation
8Sir Gregory123Metallix
9Nodrog111Globex Corporation
10oleg74Omni Corp

Recent Victories

24 Jul 2014 13:34: Jez (The Alien Attackers) has defeated zap (The Human Defenders) in Alien Hordes: Xenophobia (Watch Playback)

24 Jul 2014 12:32: Jez (Laser Squad) has defeated zap (Renegade Squad) in F.L.A.G. Heist (Watch Playback)

24 Jul 2014 12:17: Jez (Globex Industries) has defeated RABID, Player Heathcliff43, SteveSmith in Alien Colony* (Watch Playback)

24 Jul 2014 09:57: Sir Gregory (Sterner's Gang) has defeated Anti Cimex (The Assassins) in Hideout (Watch Playback)

24 Jul 2014 08:18: SteveSmith (The Defenders) has defeated Player Blain2 (The Attackers) in Moonbase Assault (practise) as their opponent conceded (Watch Playback)

Latest Player Awards

ToAward NameFrom
TrollmineitorAward for Victory in great style !Sir Gregory
Sir GregoryAward for playing "The Assasins" old-style without high explosivesTrollmineitor
petermockAward for Being top of the league - by quite a marginSteveSmith
TrollmineitorAward for for golden shoot in assasin missionSir Gregory
herodAward for Top of the League, ma! Jez

Trophy Winners

RABID has won the Winners Trophy!

Previous winner: Player Heathcliff43 won the First Blood Trophy

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Winning the Campaign

Do you want to give a chance to Marsec in their current battle?
Posted by Hokunda 4 hours ago

Winning the Campaign

Looks like Metallix has won the campaign! Shall I reset? (Don't see why not).
Posted by SteveSmith 5 hours ago

rescue from the mines

If you bring more units to the game than the mission default, it cost you additional credits.
Posted by Hokunda 1 days ago

rescue from the mines

This is first time I've played this mission so not sure what you mean by that issue. If 158 credits is correct then that's fine but then the mission file requires updating.
Posted by Dockery 1 days ago

rescue from the mines

I think Steve has fixed the free overstaffing issue. This reduced your initial credits.
Posted by Hokunda 1 days ago

rescue from the mines

Just wanted to check this is correct - just started rescue from the mines campaign version as attacker and only had 158 credits to spend. Is that correct? I'm sure the mission file said a lot more and so I've choosen more men that I should have. (Unarmed men a liability in this mission)
Posted by Dockery 1 days ago

MapImageForCurrentGame at startup?

Yes, its supposed to open in the web browser, basically cos it's showing the image straight from the website. It's on my list to streamline it though so it shows it in Android proper.
Posted by SteveSmith 2 days ago

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