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Weapons & Equipment Data Sheet


Note that non-laser guns lose 1pt of damage for every two squares after the first 10 squares.

NameAimed Shot AccAimed Shot APsSnap Shot AccSnap Shot APsAuto Shot AccAuto Shot APsShot DamageExplosion RadiusExplosion DamageReload APsAmmo TypeAmmo CapacityNoise RangeWeightDescriptionCost
MS Autocannon60%3030%1515%84635025AutoCannon Pack4125Shoots an explosive plasma laser which explodes on contact75
Blaster50%3025%1513%84514025AutoCannon Pack7104A powerful weapon with a small explosion50
Rocket Launcher58%3530%185%90416030Rocket1127It's a goddam rocket launcher!34
Las-Rifle83%3543%1813%9450025Las Pack563A laser version of the sniper rifle.31
Sniper Rifle83%3543%1813%9520025Machine Clip863A very accurate weapon.28
MK-1 Rifle68%3035%1523%8530025Machine Clip10105.26
Marsec Autogun63%3033%1521%8580025Machine Clip8103A good general-purpose weapon.25
M4000 Autogun58%3030%1520%8460025Machine Clip10103.20
SP30 Pistol40%2517%1313%6450020Pistol Clip761Quite a powerful weapon for a pistol.19
Flame Thrower50%2525%1313%60000None865Can start a fire.18
Marsec Pistol40%2521%1316%6400020Pistol Clip861.15
Heavy Laser34%3018%1514%8450030Las Pack8126This weapon can cause a lot of damage, but its bulk makes it difficult to aim. Its power is not diminished over distance.12
L50 Las-Gun44%3023%1517%8300025Las Pack1084A pretty poxy weapon by all accounts. Use as a last resort. However, its power is not diminished over distance.11
Fire Extinguisher50%2525%1313%60000None864Can put out a fire3


NameExplosion RadiusExplosion DamageWeightDescriptionCost
AP100 Grenade51203A super high-power grenade with a large explosion radius.18
AP75 Grenade41002A high-power grenade.16
AP50 Grenade3801A medium power grenade with a small explosion radius.13
AP25 Grenade3401A very low power grenade with a small explosion radius.8
Door Charge151A very low power grenade with a very small explosion radius.3


NameHealth RedeemedWeightDescriptionCost
Medikit301A medi-kit is a self-use item that will increase the user's health by 30.4

Close Combat Weapons

Power Sword45523A handle with a laser-generated blade6
Knife58301Now this is a knife!1

Ammo Clip

AutoCannon Pack2Ammo for the MS Autocannon35
Rocket3Ammo for a rocket launcher15
Machine Clip1Ammo for bullet-based weapons1
Las Pack1Ammo for laser-based weapons. Their distinguishing feature is that their power is not diminished over distance like other weapons.1
Pistol Clip1Ammo for pistol weapons1

Death Grenade

NameExplosion RadiusExplosion DamageWeightDescriptionCost
Death Grenade3701When primed, this grenade will only explode when the unit carrying it dies.5

Smoke Grenade

NameExplosion RadiusWeightDescriptionCost
Smoke Grenade41Creates a small cloud of smoke to disrupt vision7

Nerve Gas

NameExplosion RadiusHarmWeightDescriptionCost
Nerve Gas4Unit APs remaining1Creates a small cloud of smoke that causes harm if a unit walks into it or is in the cloud at the end of a turn.6

Tracking Device

Stardrive Proximity Scanner1Shows how far away flags & stardrives are. Only useful in The Stardrive mission.5

Incendiary Grenade

NameExplosion RadiusWeightDescriptionCost
Incendiary Grenade22Starts a fire12
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