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The Big Push

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The Renegade forces HQ has been discovered within the bombed-out refulling port on Sigma 7.
In a push to end this war as quickly as possible, the Laser Squad are dropped directly into the heart of this vital stronghold.
The Renegade forces are dug in and thanks to their extensive underground supply bunkers are extremely well-armed. However their forces are split when the Laser Squad lands! Can they regroup before the Laser Squad over-run the frontline and occupy the vital port?
Victory can only be achieved by utterly destroying the opposing force!

NB: Each side has 15 troops and there are only 15 deployment squares - so at the outset both teams know exactly where all the enemy are. The Attackers are all in one point while the defenders are split into two waves of 4 in the centre of the map and 9 at the rear.

Mission created by Boyflea (Dave Gumble)


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