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Terrors of the Deep

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On the ocean world of Laerum, Sea-Base Delta had reported an exciting scientific discovery. Small particles of a fantastic new material were excavated from the ocean seabed. These microscopic test samples were processed for particle multiplicity using the base's central core computer. Later, transmissions from the base reported the 'material' had expanded at an unexpectedly rapid rate, and even displayed signs of 'intelligent organic life.' The final transmission from Sea-Base Delta was from Chief Science Officer Hallen reporting that the experiment had got out of control and he was going to destroy the base's computers in an attempt to halt it. Since then all contact with the base has been lost.

A small team of heavily armed Aquanauts have been dispatched from the neighbouring Sea-Base Echo to investigate the situation. Clearance to go ahead and destroy Sea-Base Delta's twin central core computers has been authorized if necessary. Proceed with all caution.

Side 1:
The Aquanauts will win if they can destroy all the computers.

Side 2:
The Blobs will win if they kill all of the Aquanauts.

Mission created by Linden Clarke (Deadlime)


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